Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making these things is hard: a special treat for my viewers. Both of you.

One of the problems with scatterplots is that for the most part, you can only plot two variables.

But, to quote RZA: "The fourth dimension is time, it comes alive, when the chakras energize up the back of your spine"

Or, in this case, the third dimension comes alive with a BADLY MADE ANIMATED GIF.
I am so proud of my animated gif, or rather proud of the idea and ashamed of the execution, that I don't know tooooo much to say about this, besides WTF California?


  1. Also, I don't know if that will display as animated on your browser. On mine, I have to click it.

    "Pronouncing the "R" in February is kind of like making a home-made SeaQuest DSV uniform"...

  2. For future attempts with GIFs, I would highly recommend utilizing gnuplot. It'll require doing a bit more fiddling with parsing the data points as text and feeding in the proper stuff to make the graph look how you want, but once you're over that learning hump, it'd be much easier to get consistent grids, sizes, and such for animation (and comparison) purposes using that instead of Excel/OO.o