Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because Mouse is mad:

So I needed to update this, because I was informed of what "Daily" meant. I was confusing it with "Daly", as in "At the Daly Mansion, you can visit the world of yesterday today".
So I just clicked around on Statemaster until I could find some data to debunk one of those old stereotypes, about taxes and liberalism.

As people have pointed out, "Taxachusetts" is a stereotype. Massachusetts has a tax burden a penny less, per $10, then average. States' tax burden don't seem to correlate with their national politics, at least from this data.
What is interesting about this data is that it doesn't show as much regionalism as could be expected. On most scatterplots, North Dakota and South Dakota show up pretty close to each other, for example. But not here! And although it isn't clear because I haven't labeled enough data points, Appalachia and the Prairie/Mountains are all mixed and matched up, instead of being separate and unequal like they usually are.

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