Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hispanic education in California's counties:

As I mentioned in the New Mexico post, sometimes while scanning through data, I notice certain patterns, and then later on I get curious enough to do the data entry and see if they are true.
One pattern I have noticed is that counties with high Hispanic populations also have low high school graduation rates. So I decided to actually do the data and see if it proved true:The data lines up surprisingly well, which data very rarely does. There are different ways to analyze this data, and some of them are pretty politically and socially charged. Another is that often this is an artifact: heavily Hispanic counties tend to be big, economically active counties that attract workers of every stripe.
And while you are thinking about that, we can also think about this:Here, there is not a lot of real correlation. The biggest story here is that the cluster of counties that were at the bottom right are now at the bottom left. Much of California is like the rest of the Western states, where you have a lot of counties with high high school rates and low college rates. So again, as with so much, we have three quadrants filled up in the college diagram.

Anyway, while this is marinating, I am still working on my MASTER PLAN.

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