Sunday, November 1, 2009

Like yesterday, but with the G20

I suspected yesterday's plot was less than successful because the EU, as a group, is...quite a group. Homogeneity is a double edged sword in doing comparisons!
So I decided to do the same plot, but with the G20 countries, instead of the EU (some of which are the same countries). Besides, I only had 17 data points, since I couldn't find data for Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, and one of the 20 is the EU as a whole.
So, after that bit of introduction:

And again, we find almost nothing. There are some countries with high suicide but low homicide (South Korea, Japan), some countries with lots of both (Russia, South Africa), and one country with low suicide but high homicide (Brazil), and then everyone else. There does not seem to be any particular pattern to this data.

Maybe my next post should be something I should be SURE to find a pattern in. Hmmm...

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