Monday, November 2, 2009

In which I finally discover some real correlation

After looking at the data on high school and college a few weeks ago, and finding not much significant correlation, I decided to look at graduate school numbers. Because, as all my poor and confused and unemployed hipster friends know, graduate school is the new college.One of the things I have discovered many times since beginning this blog is that correlation is much less than what intuition would tell us. And this is a good example of that: the correlation between having a high school diploma and having an advanced degree is close to nothing. The only thing about this diagram that is expected is that many of the expected outliers show up in the expected places.

Now, lets look at the correlation between Bacherlor's Degrees and advanced degrees!

And finally, I find a strong correlation! The strongest one I have found yet in any of my scatterplots. Not only is the overall correlation clear, there are no significant outliers, at all.

Taken together, these two diagrams tell some type of story, and a curious one, at that. High school and advanced degrees are not related, while bachelor's and advanced degrees are very strongly related. What does this all mean?

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