Monday, December 28, 2009

The same thing, with Oregon:

So, to make up for my terrible downturn in daily updating, and because I got interested,

I decided to look at the last plot I did, but for Oregon and its counties. Luckily, the census has growth figures by county, and the Department of Labor has a handy tool for looking at county level data

So the same graph for Oregon gives us:
There is a little bit more shape to this, but admittedly, not much. And again, although its not very clear, there is the same 5/6th pattern as we had last time: the only area where we don't see any points is high-growth, low-unemployment. Hood River and Benton Counties come close, though!
Another problem with this, as I have said for my Oregon diagrams before, is that bit all Oregon counties are equal in population. Especially noticeable in this, with Harney County, population 8,000, just sitting down there in the corner. I am tempted to do this graph with, for example, only the 10 or 15 most populous counties, and see what results I get from that.

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