Sunday, December 20, 2009

Education and unemployment:

Without doing the math for it (and you know I hate doing math), I would think the factorial combinations just of the things I have done so far would last me a good and long time. Election margins and U-3! Election margins and U-6! Wine consumption and election margins! Beer consumption and U-6!
Drowning in ideas, here. Which is perhaps why I have been actually posting less...I want to find things that are the most interesting, not just random shapes. (although random shapes are also good)
Anyway, here is something we want to know about, and that is also pretty interesting, shape wise:The bad news is: demographically, higher education levels (at the college level), don't seem to lead to higher employment. But then, neither do they lead to lower unemployment. In fact, we have an odd diamond shape: the states with the highest and lowest unemployment have about medium-range of college completion, while the states with the highest and lowest college completion have...a medium range of unemployment. There is also, somewhat meaningfully, a good amount of geographic/demographic clustering here, especially if you consider Colorado a Mid-Atlantic state (which you really should).

Obviously, like with all of my graphs, this bears more looking into.

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