Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doctors and dentists

My internet was off for a day, which is why you all had to go a day without a scatterplot. I hope you all survived!

This one is going to be quick, but it is a prelude to all sorts of tricking reasoning!
This scatterplot compares doctors and dentists per capita (or per 1000 capita, more accurately).

I was actually expecting this to be a pretty strong correlation, but as you can see:
The only thing that was expected is that some of the usual suspects are in the expected place. Massachusetts has the most doctors and dentists, while Mississippi has the least of both. New England and the Middle Atlantic are likewise where I expect them to be.
Alaska, Utah and Idaho are in a somewhat surprising position, although it seems to be somewhat consistent with my scatterplot of highschool vs. college rates, where they also ended up in the upper left.
Anyway, this particular plot is just part of a plot...which I will show more of in coming days.
Data from . The data seems fairly accurate.

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